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Benchmark your building

Know what to track, when to act and when to invest.
Global leaders in building performance diagnostics

Hi👋, we're Tether

Tether is changing the world with intelligent buildings.

Our building performance platform collects and analyses data from the smartest IoT technology, Tether provides revolutionary insights to drive their mission of making every building healthy, efficient and sustainable.

About Tether

Businesses who share our vision

The Tether Platform

Measuring what matters 👌

Whether you’re interested in power efficiency, carbon footprint, building health, virus transmission risk, ESG reporting or plant maintenance, Tether draws all your data onto one platform  

“By measuring the performance of each building... We will gather insights that will benefit the construction industry and the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand into the future”. - Kāianga Ora

See the connection between investment and outcomes 💸

Buildings are costly to manage and maintain. The Tether platform links interventions and their cost with the impact of those interventions. This enables granular “return on investment” benchmarking and insights

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Act early, spend less 👌

Early action is key in minimum disruption and damage. Tether’s real-time alerts keep you proactive and effective. 

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Demonstrate the health of your environments 💚

Our buildings need to be as healthy possible to support the health of the people who work, play, live and exercise in them. Track the factors that influence healthy environments.

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Be proactive with ESG Reporting 🌳

Tether’s target-driven reporting includes ESG considerations, delivering oversight and time to business to make changes. 


Making data meaningful 🥰


Get connected via our IoT devices and see the data flow in


See the impact of your decisions against building health, efficiency, and sustainability goals


We link your data to it’s surroundings so that your insights can be more intelligent


Record behavioural or retrofit interventions so you can track the decisions you’ve made


We make complex data easy to understand with insights on how to improve building health and reduce cost

Industries we impact

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Our smart devices

You’re safe with us 🔒

All Tether accounts use end-to-end encryption and web-services that are government certified to safeguard your information. 

We conduct regular penetration testing to ensure our systems are free from vulnerabilities and we have architected a system to ensure that privacy comes first. 

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Check out our bespoke products

Every now and then our customers call for a solution to a specific challenge. 
Tether responds rapidly to rise to that challenge.  

Airborne Index and Tether Tick are two solutions that rose out of the need to track virus transmission risk during COVID; and to simplify building compliance.  

Airborne Index

Tether’s CO2 monitoring solution to tracking indoor air’s vulnerability to airborne virus transmission. Preventing communal indoor environments such as schools, workplaces, offices and gyms from becoming super spreader locations. 

Airborne viruses include influenza, pertussis (whooping cough) and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), making this so much more than just a COVID-19 mitigation solution. 

“the vital part of all of this is the immediate results: monitoring is live and constant...”

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Tether Tick

Tether Tick enables any property manager, healthy home inspector or DIY landlord to easily verify if a home is compliant with the healthy homes guarantee act, all from your pocket.

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Integrates with:

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