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Optimising energy efficiency & carbon reduction initiatives

Intelligent energy use leads to financial savings by optimizing energy efficiency and supporting carbon reduction initiatives. In a world where energy supplies are unpredictable, costs are climbing, and regulations are becoming more stringent, effective energy management is essential. Tether's Energy Reduction solutions offer the insights and tools you need for operational savings and to advance your sustainability goals.
You’re on track to meet your target!
35% Carbon Reduction by 2030
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Join the industry’s leading organisations saving time, money and carbon with Tether

Your portfolio in one platform

Tether consolidates your asset portfolio on one platform, leveraging cutting-edge IoT devices to gather real-time data on electricity, gas, water, and equipment. These devices ensure easy installation without energy disruptions or WiFi, providing instant insights for better energy management, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Simplify your energy oversight with Tether's seamless, efficient solution.

Construct your best path to sustainability.

Craft your journey towards sustainability with Tether, your partner in optimizing energy efficiency across your portfolio. Our advanced IoT solutions offer real-time insights into energy, gas, water, and equipment usage, enabling targeted actions for carbon footprint reduction. With easy installation and immediate data access, Tether empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring your path to sustainability is both clear and attainable.
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Act early, spend less

Utilizing comprehensive, centralized energy data, Tether establishes energy benchmarks across your buildings and floors. It perpetually monitors buildings for irregularities and issues, dispatching App and email notifications in response to elevated energy consumption and for the identification of preventive maintenance initiatives.

Track and report impact

Effortlessly compile reports on key environmental and financial outcomes. Aggregate performance metrics at various levels—whether project, property, region, team, or portfolio—through adaptable impact reports, customizable dashboards, and workflow instruments engineered to satisfy both internal and external stakeholders.

Manage your carbon footprint

Determine your carbon footprint without relying on spreadsheets. Keep a close watch on your portfolio, remain informed about performance trends and benchmarking criteria, and monitor essential metrics ranging from kWh to CO2e

Our blend of expertise and technology provides vital support for substantial energy and carbon savings.
Seamless Deployment

Our internal deployment experts stand ready to assist you with bespoke data solutions, hardware acquisition, managed deployment, and data integration, alongside comprehensive onboarding and training tailored to your needs.

Best-in-Class Service

Tether's energy benchmarking offerings are supported by an expert team specializing in data, top-tier hardware, and customer support services, equipping your teams with data that is meticulously compiled and verified.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our unified platform establishes a consolidated truth for energy insights, made accessible via adaptable dashboards and reports. This enables a variety of stakeholders to access self-service energy reporting effortlessly with just a few clicks.


“The deployment of Tether solutions to monitor both older and newer fan models provided preliminary findings that older fans consumed 22% more electricity. This revelation opened avenues to consider cost-effective upgrades, focusing on motor replacements to harness energy savings and ensure a sustainable return on investment.”

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Technology to supercharge your cost savings, energy reporting and ESG disclosures
Automated Energy Data Collection

Automatically collect and validate utility bill, real-time meter and sub-meter data, IEQ data and occupancy data from every property in your portfolio, with built-in data quality measures that ensure your data meets stakeholder requirements.

Energy and Carbon Intensity

Standardize energy consumption metrics by facility size (kWh/sq. ft; kg/sq. ft), enabling direct comparisons across your portfolio. This approach simplifies the identification of high and low energy performers, helping you to prioritize action plans and focus efforts effectively.

Sustainability Project Tracking

Incorporate operational enhancements and upcoming capital initiatives into the Tether platform to centralise project management and impact tracking. Effortlessly export project details for ESG reporting and disclosures.

Portfolio Reports & Dashboards

Consolidated portfolio-wide dashboards and reports make it easy to track energy and carbon performance across assets, regions, funds, or the entire portfolio, and to compare properties and drill into energy usage.

Contextual Insights

Track and analyze energy use alongside air quality and occupancy data, allowing you to fine-tune asset operation based on live building conditions and usage, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Smart Alerting

Utilising in-depth, centralised data, Tether establishes energy benchmarks across your buildings and floors. It continuously scans for irregularities and issues, sending out push notifcations and email alerts to flag high energy usage and pinpoint areas needing preventative maintenance.


Tether can accurately break out energy consumption across landlord-controlled and tenanted spaces and calculate the associated energy, costs and GHG emissions to help you meet invoicing, sustainability reporting and carbon accounting requirements.

Portfolio Improvement Targets

Normalise energy consumption by facility size (kWh/sq. ft; kg/sq ft), creating apples-to-apples comparisons across your portfolio to easily identify top-and low energy performers and create a prioritised action plan on where to focus efforts.

Project Measurement & Verification

Effortlessly quantify and validate the environmental and financial benefits of completed operational and capital expenditure projects in terms of kWh, emissions, and cost savings. Gain access to aggregated reporting to effectively present results to stakeholders.

Built for 24/7 Facilities

With BMS integration and our skilled Building Systems Engineers, Tether simplifies data capture and analysis in complex structures, such as universities and resorts, facilitating energy savings.

Track, act ,and invest with intelligence


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