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Enabling healthy offices

Is your office happy, healthy and sustainable?

Comfortable and Sustainable

Is your office healthy, efficient and sustainable

We spend a third of our lives at work.

Our offices should be safe, comfortable and healthy.

Our offices should be sustainable and energy efficient.

Tether can monitor, manage and control environmental quality in your office.

Tether can monitor and manage energy consumption and your offices carbon impact.

Proof of performance and data driven decisions is critical.


Get Tethered.

Proof of performance

Thousands of dollars are spent on building ratings, certifications and upgrades with no evidence of their effectiveness.

A comfortable, sustainable and high performing office building is no longer a nice to have, it is a requirement.

Tether provides the tools to monitor, manage and prove building efficiency and health.


Stop spending money on your office without proof of performance.

Indoor Environmental Quality

It's too hot, It's too cold, It's too stuffy, It's too loud, it's too bright!

These are some of the complaints a building manager hears on a daily basis. 

Tether takes out the subjectivity in Indoor Environmental Quality.


In order to manage an offices environmental quality effectively it must be monitored. 

Office Sustainability 

Your office buildings embodied and operational carbon budget is something you should know, monitor and manage if you care about sustainability. 

Tether gives you the tools to quantify and monitor embodied and operational carbon budgets.


Tether gives you the tools to track how your building performs against those budgets in real-time.


A sustainable buildings will save you money while saving our planet.

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