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The ThermalQ Network

When we designed the Tether ThermalQ we needed a network that wasn't only ubiquitous but also low powered and inexpensive. 


Wifi networks can be unreliable and have connection and setup difficulties; not all buildings possess dedicated internet connections.


Mobile networks (3G/4G) are expensive and are extremely power hungry.


Tether was built to use the latest in LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) technology. This makes the installation of the EnviroQ frictionless and enables us to achieve 3 years of battery life. 

The Tether ThermalQ

Designed and built by Tether to meet the demands of large and small-scale deployments, the Tether ThermalQ ticks all the boxes.


The Tether device was designed and built around 4 main pillars:


  • Low Power

  • Low Cost

  • Ease Of Use

  • Accuracy and Reliability 

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Low cost, frictionless temperature and relative humidity monitoring

ThermalQ Features




Relative Humidity


The Dew Point

3 Years Battery life or Mains Power

Technical Specifications

Sensor Specifications
Device Specifications
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