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The EnviroQ is a powerful, efficient and accurate sensor designed to 
monitor indoor environmental quality in spaces to better understand 
building health and performance, human comfort, and ventilation. 


Environmental factors 

  • Temperature
  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Ambient Light
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Decibel Levels (optional)



  • Health score 
  • Airborne Index
  • Focus Index
  • Comfort Index 

The EnviroQ can be powered by 6 AA replaceable batteries and has a 
terminal block that can receive power from any 5V 0.5A DC supply.


The EnviroQ is easily mounted to a wall or a ceiling via a backplate and 
connects to the cloud via an independent Sigfox connection.


Learn more about the EnviroQ here 



----Before Purchasing, Check signal first---

Before you purchase an EnviroQ, check that there is sigfox network signal avalible at address where the device will be installed here. 


The coverage map can be a little bit confusing. As long as deep indoors can receive some amount of signal, our Tether EnviroQ’s will function. I.e. 


Deep Indoors = Limited = OK

Deep Indoors = Average = OK

Deep Indoors = Good = OK

Deep Indoors = No Coverage = Contact the team


If there is no signal, you may need a gateway to provide the signal. Reach out to the team and we can discuss. 


***Pricing includes 1 year of bundled connectivity to Sigfox and the Tether Platform***

*** by purchasing this product you agree to a recurring annual connection fee of $54.96 exc GST per device***


SKU: TR-EQ-0200
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