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Pinehurst School: Technology supporting teaching practices

With a strong reputation as a values-led, independent school, Pinehurst School in Albany, Auckland, was keen to install CO2 monitors as far back as October 2021.

“We knew the New Zealand lockdown would end at some point and we also knew Pinehurst School had to be proactive,” explains John Wilson.

“We were not interested in crossing our fingers and hoping for the best so we consciously decided on combining a cautious approach with a modern solution and decided that CO2 monitoring was our best bet to support the health of our school community, which is not only our leaders, staff and pupils but their whānau as well.”

True to progressive form, Pinehurst was already aware of the added benefit of CO2 monitoring: “We were definitely looking at mitigating COVID, but we were also aware of the importance of air quality for student wellbeing and ability to focus,” John is quick to add.

“We initially placed an order with a different supplier, but soon became aware that the product was not immediately available,” continues John, “I did more research and found Tether. Within a week of initial contact, we had the devices and I had the task of installing 75 COVIDCare* devices,” - one in each classroom and other designated shared areas.

What could have been a very intimidating tech installation ended up being satisfyingly simple, “installation was easy,” John comments, “as was setting up the platform. The most rewarding thing, though, was seeing that data coming in immediately. “

Tether’s COVID response is not just a CO2 monitoring device, but a software platform that delivers visual data of a room’s air quality and CO2 build up, as well as insights as to how to improve performance.

“In retrospect, COVIDCare* is the solution Pinehurst was looking for all along”, John explains, “Pinehurst prides itself on encouraging evaluation that leads to solutions with a positive impact, “and COVIDCare* did just that: the CO2 monitoring device is one thing, but the Tether software and platform is what really makes the difference.”

“We’re really happy with the product,” continues John, “being able to demonstrate and actually see the immediate impact of our response on the dashboard is intensely powerful. Any person who may have doubted the efficacy of just opening a door and a window to create a flow of air, is immediately set straight.”

“I think that’s the biggest thing about COVIDCare*, it’s the immediate, strong feedback combined with insights like the stats on how much of the air in the room is rebreathed – that one always gets the students engaged.”

“Our parent community is as progressive as our leadership team and student community so this was a collective push to look for solutions that could keep us healthy and at the leading edge of equipping our children for their future. Tether is a perfect solution for us. “

*now known as Tether Airborne Index


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