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Measuring Performance

Proving predictive modelling and post-occupancy evaluation

Proof of performance made easy!

“Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.” - W. Edwards Deming


Without proof, a model is meaningless and unjustified. Tether designs, maunfuctures and supplies a number of world leading environmental quality and energy monitoring devices.

Get Measured, Get Tethered

Tether currently supply the following devices for performance monitoring

EnviroQ - Web.png

Environmental Quality

The EnviroQ is the perfect device to monitor and measure Indoor Environmental Quality

ThermalQ - Web.png

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor and measure Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point temperature

HotDrop - Web.png

Energy Consumption

Monitor and measure real-time energy consumption on any circuit within seconds.

Data at your fingertips

what can our devices measure and why is it important?

Dew Point.png

Dew point calculations

Tether uses internal dew point temperature in conjunction with external weather data to alert on conditions ideal for mould and mildew growth 

Carbon Dioxide.png

The build-up of carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide build-up is an excellent indicator of poorly ventilated spaces. Extended exposure to high concentrations of Carbon Dioxide can lead to lethargy, headaches and smelly, stuffy feeling air.


Temperature and thermal comfort levels

Using our EnviroQ or ThermalQ sensors, Tether measures and alerts on temperature and thermal comfort levels which have a direct affect on health and well-being

Relative Humidity.png

Absolute and Relative humidity measurements

Tether measures relative humidity and absolute humidity which we use to predict dust mite germination as well as mould and mildew growth. Absolute humidity and temperature is also used to warn against the spread of viral infections.

Ambient Noise.png

Ambient noise levels

Ambient noise is the average level of noise or sound in an area. We know that a neighbourhood, classroom or office that is too noisy can impact concentration, comfort and stress levels. 

Ambient Light.png

Ambient lighting levels

Having the correct lighting levels is paramount for quality learning and working environments. Spaces that are too dim or too bright can impact concentration levels and lead to eye strain and even headaches.

Atmospheric Pressure.png

Atmospheric pressure

Tether uses atmospheric pressure to calculate airflow through a space with 2 or more EnviroQ's installed. Atmospheric pressure is also used to calculate absolute humidity which is vital when understanding true humidity and its impact. 


Electricity consumption

The HotDrop measures total power consumption across a chosen circuit. Having the ability to not only understand how healthy a building is but to also understand how much electricity it takes to keep it that way is incredibly powerful.

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