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Enabling healthy schools

Are your classrooms happy, healthy and sustainable?

Quality Learning Environments

Do your classrooms meet the standard

Our schools and classrooms dictate our children's future.


It is imperative that we provide quality learning environments.

Only through data driven decisions can we ensure that our classrooms are fit for purpose.


Tether is health and performance monitoring for your classroom.

Give our children the best chance at succeeding.


Get Tethered.

Fit for purpose

Our children grow and learn in our schools.

A quality learning environment is a crucial part of a child's development.

Tether provides the tools required to monitor and measure if a classroom is fit for purpose.


Tether provides crucial insight into what is needed to establish and maintain a healthy classroom.

Measuring a classrooms fitness


How useful are our classrooms. Is the classrooms structure hindering our ability to teach and learn? 


How loud are our classrooms. Can my classroom absorb sound effectively?

Indoor Air Quality

How healthy is the air in our classrooms? Are our students falling asleep? Do we ventilate effectively?

Thermal Comfort

How comfortable are our classrooms to learn in? Are our students getting too hot, too cold or getting sick?


How effective is the lighting in our classrooms? Can our students read and see without eye strain?

Education first

Tethering your classroom does not only prove its fitness.

Tethering your classroom gives you access to valuable environmental quality data that can be used to educate students on how we affect the spaces we live and learn in.


Speak to us about how this data can be used and displayed.

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