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Data Interpretation

Real value through data driven decisions & insights 

All this data, but what does it all mean?

Once data has been collected and contextualised it needs to be interpreted, visualised and reported on. It is through interpretation, correlation and statistical modelling that true value is derived and the best outcomes can be achieved.

Tether provides a suite of products and services from dashboards and reporting through to building analysis and machine learning to empower decisions. 

The Tether Platform

The Tether platform enables you to create and manage a buildings digital identity. The platform provides alerting and reporting capabilities via a dashboard which enables you to monitor, manage, interpret and visualize of all your connected Tether devices.


The Platform is built on hyper-scalable server-less architecture enabling true multi-tenancy with enterprise grade reliability, security and performance.

Tether Services

Not all data modelling and interpretation is created equal. Tether specialises in complex computer, data and building sciences.


If there is custom modelling, machine learning or data interpretation required then Tether will ensure we exceed your expectations.

Understanding the outcomes you can expect and designing a process in conjunction with the correct implementation of our technology is key to truly valuable results.

Tether Integration

Tether makes integration with other platforms easy. Our platform is built on an RESTful API (Application Programmable Interface) foundation allowing the integration of the Tether Platform into any other platform with a web interface.

The Tether platform can also be accessed through Kafka or Kinesis streams.

If custom integration is required to ensure you have your data where and when you want it then our team of software engineers will get it done.

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