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We cut cost and carbon from buildings

Become part of the community of facilities and sustainability teams that trust Tether's advanced building analytics to create spaces that are healthy, sustainable, and financially rewarding.
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You’re on track to meet your target!
35% Carbon Reduction by 2030
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For Facilities Managers
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For Sustainability Leaders
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For Asset Managers
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For Building Researchers
Join the industry’s leading organisations saving time, money and carbon with Tether

Unlock savings and efficiency with ease.

With energy, water, and gas costs going up, it's really important to make your building run more efficiently to save money. Tether helps you use less energy, water, and gas and make better use of the space in your buildings. This way, you spend less on maintenance and energy bills. Plus, it's good for the planet because it helps save resources. Making these changes is a smart move for your wallet and the environment.

Simplify your energy reporting and ESG compliance effortlessly.

Make energy reporting and ESG compliance a breeze with Tether. We tackle the tough part of collecting the right data by automating the process for you, scalable to any size. Tether seamlessly aligns with major green building certifications like NABERS, LEED, BREEAM, and WELL Standard, ensuring you're not just simplifying reporting but also boosting your property's eco-credentials effortlessly.
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Ensure the well-being of your building and everyone inside.

Ensure the well-being of your building and everyone inside with our comprehensive IEQ solutions. We focus on creating a healthier, more productive environment by optimizing air quality and comfort. This leads to reduced absences and increased productivity. By adopting our technologies, you're not just cutting costs and making your space more attractive; you're also committing to sustainability and efficiency. Our solutions turn your building into a shining example of well-being and environmental responsibility.

Enhancing space efficiency and occupancy management.

Enhance space efficiency and manage occupancy effectively with our advanced AI-driven solutions, including people counters and occupancy sensors. Designed for forward-thinking managers and teams, our technology provides detailed insights into space utilization and occupancy statistics, such as foot traffic, dwell times, and room usage. This enables you to optimize your spaces for maximum efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Data-driven optimization for tangible real-world effects.

“The deployment of Tether's platform to monitor both older and newer fan models provided preliminary findings that older fans consumed 22% more electricity. This revelation opened avenues to consider cost-effective upgrades, focusing on motor replacements to harness energy savings and ensure a sustainable return on investment.”
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Our blend of expertise and technology provides vital support for substantial energy and carbon savings.
Seamless Deployment

Our internal deployment experts stand ready to assist you with bespoke data solutions, hardware acquisition, managed deployment, and data integration, alongside comprehensive onboarding and training tailored to your needs.

Best-in-Class Service

Tether's energy benchmarking offerings are supported by an expert team specializing in data, top-tier hardware, and customer support services, equipping your teams with data that is meticulously compiled and verified.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our unified platform establishes a consolidated truth for energy insights, made accessible via adaptable dashboards and reports. This enables a variety of stakeholders to access self-service energy reporting effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Let’s talk about how Tether can deliver real outcomes for your organisation today!

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